Drone Video Production for Hotels and Resorts

Aerial photography has always been a very attractive and effective way to showcase properties and events, but the cost associated with it has always been so high that it wasn’t reasonable for a small to mid size business to take advantage of it. Today, commercial photography drones with incredible capabilities have started working their way into the repertoire of photographers and video production all over, and as such, have made it realistic for any size of business (or even personal event) to get amazing aerial photography and video at an affordable rate.

Drone video footage has some of the most unique capabilities that allow shots that were all but impossible before today. With their small size, impressive range, speed, and distance, you’d be amazed at how versatile these little machines are. From GPS location, geotagging photos and videos so you can pin-point the exact location all over the  world and where the photo was taken, to flying over and in areas not reachable, or not safe for humans to go, drone photography is an incredible resource for nearly any business.

So, if you’re interested but still not sure about it, let’s look at some of the advantages and uses of drone photography.

Drone Photography for Hotels Drone Photography for Resorts

Advantages of Drone Photography

One of the most straightforward answers is that you’re able to grab perspectives that are not seen normally. Get a real birds eye view of the area in focus, or even to better show off the surrounding area, or how close in proximity your target is to other attractions or landmarks. Higher perspectives also make landscapes look longer and larger than they actually are. It’s a great way to create better looking landscape photographs.

Drone footage can also grant a cinematic quality to your video when showcasing a property or event. You know those scenes in a movie where the camera smoothly starts high and pans in, or starts low and then flies away from the scene? Traditionally those scenes were all shot with huge (and expensive) cranes or lifts with a camera-person attached to it. Not to mention 2-4 people working in-sync to make the shot possible. A small drone can now accomplish the same smooth look and feel of Hollywood productions with a single pilot operating the machine.

Keeping with that same idea, a drone can cover a great amount of distance in a short amount of time. Professional drone units can reach speeds anywhere from 25-45 miles per hour, and best of all, they don’t run on the ground so they can get shots that a normal photographer or videographer can’t. Imagine you have a lakeside house or hotel, starting a long shot to showcase the driveway or boat ramp, out onto the water would be extremely difficult to pull off, forcing you to stop shooting and hop in a boat to continue. Drones allow these kind of shots without a second thought.

There are many more benefits to shooting with a drone over traditional videography, but we wanted to list a few here to get your mind racing with ideas.

Be sure to check out our most recent video production featuring a mix of drone photography and still shots for Chase on the Lake Resort in Walker, MN. The Chase wanted us to put together a piece that could be used to demonstrate all the amenities and its prime location right on the shores of Leech Lake. This the perfect way to showcase this destination and marketing it amongst social media and within YouTube ads.