Getting To Know Our Clients

One of our initial goals when we first meet with a new client is to really get to know them and their product, so we can be sure that their website properly represents what’s most important to them.

This is a process we go through with every client, we really got to know one of our most recent clients, Jackie Caldwell and her business Jackie suffers from an incurable auto-immune disease and is very passionate about helping others who are suffering like her. After trying multiple drugs prescribed by multiple doctors, Jackie decided to take control over the fate of her body and completely change her diet. By cutting out grain and only eating fresh, natural foods, Jackie’s body slowly began to heal. Now she’s gained her health back, a love for cooking and baking, and the ability to live life without constant worry.

Image-2We designed Jackie’s website,, so she can have a platform to share her story.  One of the unique features of her site is the recipe section that details tons of information with a convenient print option while still looking professional and organized. It also has areas for blog posts, advice, and features great imagery and social sharing options. The sleek and subtle design with hints of natural colors really seems to fit Jackie’s personality.

Jackie’s passion to help others is really admirable and we wanted to be sure that her website was true to her mission. It really makes the projects fun for us when we know more about the client and what they represent. Their dedication and excitement for what they do is often what inspires us to create something incredible. Check out our Work page to see more images of Jackie’s site, as well as lots of other recent work!