Independent Resort Websites

We’ve been busy here at Lacuna Creative! We launched the new and improved Lodge at Giants Ridge website in early July, the Buffalo Ridge Resort website here last week, and we are working on the new Chase on the Lake Resort now! It has been such an amazing opportunity to not only build these beautiful resort websites but then watch as the analytics and stats on these sites have soared!  We have seen such amazing groFeat-imgwth of traffic and user interactions on these sites it’s very exciting to be a part of.

The Lodge at Giants Ridge is in Northern Minnesota and wanted their website to not only showcase their amazing imagery but the Northwoods and the many amenities the lodge has to offer. We worked with the Lodge at Giants Ridge team to really “call to action” the packages because golfing and skiing are major activities for vistor’s to Giants Ridge. The lodge offers a variety of things to do not only in the area but also directly at The Lodge (including casual dining, a spa, and a fabulous pool), they wanted the website to showcase all that their their guests would experience when visiting Giants Ridge.BRRsitelaptop


The Buffalo Ridge Resort is located in Gary, South Dakota and is a key destinations for hunting, fishing, outdoor activities and weddings. The resort complex is made up of historic buildings that were once a school for the blind.  Their website is clean and user friendly and showcasing their beautiful location in South Dakota.

Check back in for an update on the new Chase on the Lake Resort & Spa website!