UBER Crazy Time

Lacuna Creative has been a busy little bunch of bees! We just recently hired one of our awesome all-star interns Maria to our crazy team! She joins us as our new Creative Designer, although she hails from Mizzou we’ll have to let that slide ;). We have been rocking out a crazy amount of website designs lately including the following:,,,,

We’ve had an absolute blast designing all of these websites and working with such a wide variety of clients and businesses!  We’ve also been fortunate enough to continue building emails for Jenny Craig, and working with their super cool Email Marketing Team! Yep, I’ll say it again, it’s been a crazy couple of months for us!

Currently we have some even more rad websites in development including the super zen Lotus Yoga & Wellness Spa website.  Their studio is in Leawood, KS and they are the best group of peeps ever! Definitely, voyage over there for some relaxation and/or yoga. Be sure to check back as their website will be launching soon! We also have the pleasure of working with a super creative interior designer on her new website and a fitness store website. The variety of clients we get to work with revamping their website and helping build traffic to them is amazing, it is such a mixed bag of creative fun!!