Use of Images in Your Website Design

When looking to design a website we have quite a number of clients that are drawn to sites we’ve created and built that have a main focus around images especially for our resort website design clients.  Large beautiful scrolling images, images inserted within the copy of your website, and even images with graphic elements added have proven to really “draw the eye” of those viewing your website. When evaluating what type of website design works best for your business and how to create a website that represents your brand with a significant focus on imagery always think of the below:

– Most Important = QUALITY: high-resolution images are always best. Images that are high-resolution are easier for your website designer to edit and make fit accordingly within the design/layout you are working to create. Low-resolution images when resized are often blurry and pixelated losing the true “clean and clear” look of what an image should represent.

– Does the Images Match Your Brand: what is the message you are trying to get across, and/or what is the “end game” goal of your website. If your selling a product, images that feature those products are key. If your trying to convey a theme or overall feeling make sure those images represent this. For instance, we recently worked on an interior design website that is beautiful…because the interior designer herself had done such amazing work and she had professional photographers shoot these spaces.

– Strong Use of Images: the images should make your viewers WANT TO SEE MORE, entice them to visit other pages and have these images tell the story or theme of your brand.  A great example of this is a historic resort website design client we just launched that not only had images of their amazing property, lake, condos, rooms, and activities/amenities but also featured historic images of what the property used to look like in accordance with some very compelling copy about how the property came to be. A strong sense of how the images work to tell a story and intrigues viewers to journey along to other pages within your website is a must.

– A Good Mix of Images and Text: Copy is ALWAYS a key to a successful website and how it’s positioned with search rankings, but at times copy can be to heavy and overwhelming for your viewers. Let be honest what viewers really wants to read a novel and scroll…and scroll…and scroll until finally you’ve lost that viewer completely. A good use of images within your copy can help the flow of your pages and how that copy is positioned. Use images with text you might like to really stand out or “pop” as a graphic on top of that image which helps break up the layout of how your copy is featured.  Featured images on pages featuring text can really draw that viewer in to the page and inform them of what the page is about.

– Use of Stock Photos and People – at times utilizing stock photos is a must, don’t fret some really great stock images representing emotions, scenery, or themes are out there. You just have to make sure your picking the perfect image to represent what you are trying to convey to your audience/viewer. One thing to keep in mind when using stock images within your website design is that those images will be used by others, and be sure that when viewers to your site see people or actions within these images they look authentic and that person or activity could be associated with your business.

At Lacuna Creative we are constantly thinking of how to best utilize the images within your website design and when working with our clients to design an image driven website we’re not only looking at how beautiful the imagery is but also what your viewers see that represents your business and brand from a marketing standpoint.