Video Production & Marketing

Why You Should Start Thinking About Video Marketing for Your Business

Increasing Value of Video Marketing
We have all heard it before and we are still hearing it ¬–for your business to be relevant in 2015 you must think digital. The question is which digital tool is best for your business? Is it social media, email marketing, or perhaps, video marketing? Advantages of video marketing are constantly growing. A few benefits include social engagement, personal touch, better word-of-mouth marketing, growing views and increased power to share. The biggest advantage: brand awareness.

To put it simply people just don’t have time to read about your brand. They want to visualize your brand, experience it and feel connected to it, and videos have the ability to do this in a minute or less. So now is the time to figure out how you can find the resources to incorporate video marketing in your advertising plan.

How to Get Your Video Viewed
Where are videos most effective? We are in an era where practically anything can go viral on the Internet. One of the main places this begins is YouTube. Top approaches to video optimization include tagging the video with popular search key words, posting the video on your company blog and social media sites, and optimizing video file names with keywords. These are all great ways to help get your video near the top in Internet searches.

But having excellent keywords and uploading your video to the right media outlets isn’t all it takes to get your audience to view your video –it’s also content and quality. People want to see professional, clear, well-edited content or else they will move on quick. Your video needs to tell a story, showcase an experience, and provoke a feeling. A great example is this video for the Bluemont Hotel in Manhattan, Kansas:

In this video you can feel the experience you’d have as a guest there. You can imagine yourself holding a drink on the patio while watching the sunset over the campus. You can picture returning after a long game day, business meeting or event and relaxing in one of their luxury rooms. You also can appreciate that the hotel’s convenient location, across the street from Kansas State, allows guests to experience all of the shopping, dining and nightlife Aggieville offers. OK you get the gist.

Here’s another example of how a video can say 1,000 words from HToads Bar and Grill at Camden on the Lake in the Lake of the Ozarks.

Did you feel the excitement? Instead of just writing about how much fun their guests have at HToads they show you! From hot tub/pool parties, grilling on the lake and live performances you can SEE how you are in for a good time with Camden on the Lake. Real people and real images can show you the experience you could have rather than tell you in a boring promotional print advertisement. Plus a video is ten times easier to share with your friends. Think something’s cool? Post it on your friends Facebook page and tag five friends. Boom! Just like that your one video has the chance to influence five more people.

Things are moving digital in 2015 there’s no question. It’s time to start brainstorming ways you can incorporate video in your marketing plan.