Case Studies

Seeing a return on your investment is key and going above and beyond to grow that investment is what sets Lacuna apart from other firms. Our marketing and creative teams have worked in the hospitality and creative branding industries for many years and our knowledge and understanding of what is takes to build a brand, how to effectively market that brand, and how to produce RESULTS is what drives us.

1. Email Marketing:

A client had lackluster email marketing performance prior to working with us, even though they had a very passionate customer base online. After an extensive review, we believed that we could turn email into a highly engaging and profitable marketing channel.

Revamped Email Marketing Strategy Highlights:

  • Email Subscriber Growth – Capitalized on engaged website audience providing a prominent email sign up across the site with a strong call to action based on user experience.
  • Auto-Responder to Maintain Engagement – After the initial sign up an auto-responder series of emails was setup based on the subscriber’s interests offering special exclusive offers and what to expect from email campaigns from us.
  • Customized Email Campaigns – Based on segmenting we were able to offer custom email campaigns to specific audiences increasing engagement and conversion rates while decreasing unsubscribe rates across the board.
  • Detailed Email Analytics – Powerful reporting and analytics options allowed for important split testing of different subjects lines, click through rates, and more. This allowed us to make important changes to campaigns that increased the performance and revenue generated.


Some of the successes of this campaign include email subscriber growth of 150% and revenue growth of almost 390% making this one of the most profitable marketing channels for the resort thus far in 2013.


2. – Paid Search / Media Buys

A client was allocating a large portion of their marketing budget through various search engine marketing channels and direct site media buys. While they felt these marketing dollars we’re being effectively utilized it was still unknown what the long term impact was for their ROI.

Effectively Determining Current Marketing Performance

    • Setup Accurate Reporting / Analytics – You can’t measure the effectiveness of anything if you’re reporting isn’t true and accurate. We immediately implemented Google Analytics to track all revenue from generated from online and offline marketing efforts.
    • Utilizing Web Analytics Data – Once we began to truly analyze the data over the next few months we were able to make several important decisions. The data allowed us to make recommendations to re-allocate marketing dollars from underperforming online channels to more successful ones ultimately increasing ROI and decreasing ad spend in some areas.
    • Paid Search Enhancements – In addition we were able to make several adjustments to current search marketing campaign allowing it to be more effective with a greater reach. With the right data on our side informed decisions were made on keyword selection, bids, landing page selection, and more.
    • New Advertising Partnerships – With the long term optimization over all these areas this enabled us to reduce ad spend across the board. As a result of this new potential advertising partners were sought out that were previously unavailable due to marketing budget constraints.

    These campaign overhauls resulted in and additional $81,390.60 in bookings on just $3,530.46 in ad spend in a little over 6 months for a 2205% ROI!

    3. – New Website Design:

    Under-performing hotel website completely redesigned to for an all new look and feel, improved usability, and high search rankings and conversion rates. In just the first 6 months conversion rate has jumped to 8%, online revenue is up 26%, and pages viewed per visit is up 67%.