Motion & Video Production

Visually inspiring and engaging content.

Times have changed and in this fast paced environment you only have seconds do grab your audience and show them what you’ve got, and there’s no better way to do that than with motion graphics.

People like the moving picture, that’s not new news to anyone ( who isn’t living in 1890 ), but what is new is how the moving picture can be applied to your advertising and websites to increase your user engagement.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can include anything from short animations, web applications, video promos, and much more.

Video Production

Need a quick commercial, video advertisement, or introduction to your property? Look no further my friend. We work directly with you or your employees to carefully craft a visual experience that speaks to your audience while promoting exactly who your property is.





Photos are often the first thing customers look for when booking a room at a hotel or resort, so they can physically see the quality of your establishment and that it meets their expectations. Strong imagery not only makes your website stand out from the crowd, but it’s also incredibly important when doing any kind of promotional advertising. When you see a breathtaking picture of a beach, don’t you just wish you were there? Can’t you picture yourself sipping a mojito with your toes in the sand? In order to make people wish they were at your resort, you have to show them show stopping images that entice them to book. We understand that here at Lacuna Creative and deliver nothing less. Check out some of our photography in the gallery below.