Drone Aerial Photography in Kansas City & Des Moines

A picture says a thousand words, and if you’re business is location focused, there’s never been a better time to get incredible imagery of what you do. With our affordable aerial photography and videography services, you’d be amazed at the amount you’re able to save. Whether you’re looking for stunning shots of your resort, incredible video of the services you offer, or looking for a great sample to show your customers how you do what you do, Lacuna’s video production team can handle it for you.

Simple Pricing:

Unedited footage shot in the Kansas City or Des Moines Metro areas will be based on a per project basis including site time and air time starting at $350 for 3 hours (thereafter billed hourly at $75 an hour).

Edited Footage thereafter is a per project cost based on a variety of attributes they may be added including voiceover, music, still shots or photography, etc…please call for more pricing details and let us help you in your video production.


Hotels & Resorts

Drone Aerial photos for Hotels and Resorts

For Hotels and Resorts, it’s all about the experience of being there. What better way to really show the full experience of your property than getting a solid bird’s eye view!? Capture the layout, unique features, or incredible activities that make your hotel or resort stand out from the crowd.

Real Estate

Drone Aerial photos for Real estate

Help your clients and yourself save time by getting the best idea of what your property looks and feels like with virtual walkthroughs, 360 views of rooms, and breath-taking aerial shots of your properties. Set your website apart from other realtors with incredible footage at very affordable pricing. We offer discounts for multi-property projects to make your real-estate video footage even more affordable.

Golf Courses

Drone Aerial photos for Golf Courses

You spend a lot keeping your course green, beautiful, and enjoyable to play on, why not showcase the full glory of your course in a way that can’t be seen from the ground level. Get incredible shots of all of your entire play-through, or a great overview to really sell what the players can expect as well as some highlights for their day.