Social Media

If you’re looking at all the different social media out there and thinking what outlets should my property be posting on, and where can I find my guests on social media…then we can help!  Most often times we find that our clients have a hard time keeping up with the constantly changing world of social media, and just aren’t sure where to start.

Here at Lacuna we can help by first determining what your property goals are and what your competitors are doing. We can assist in the planning and implementation of your social media pages as well as advice on the customization specific to your brand. We are in an era when social media is one of the most powerful tools your hotel or resort can use. From building a strong reputation for your brand, to building communication with your guests these channels will be key to an effective social media strategy.


  • We offer two approaches to social media – (1) An analysis and setup of your social media to be maintained by a member of your team or (2) A custom social media marketing strategy.
  • Lacuna’s customizable social media program includes an overall planning session to better define your social media goals and what social media outlets your property should be active on, implementation and setup of your brand on these outlets, and maintaining brand awareness and constant promotions by “socializing” over these channels (such as blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more…)


Contact us now to learn more about what social media marketing plan works best for your property.