Web Up-Keep

Website maintenance, continually refreshing and keeping it stellar!

Updates to your website are key, keeping people coming back for more by adding fresh content, images, and functionality. Landing pages are a key factor when doing promotions and email marketing, allowing stand-alone statistics and analysis on what the ROI resulted in.

Security, a little peace of mind

Online security is an ever evolving and tireless task. New threats start up daily and it’s important to keep up to date. We handle all the dirty work so you don’t have to by constantly monitoring and communicating with leaders in the industry to stay up to date with any developing security risks or weak points in your website. We regularly maintain your website’s core code, updating it, and patching any loop-holes or vulnerabilities that are discovered.

Military Grade Encryption & Passwords

We use military grade encryption on our sites to help keep any data you have on your website between you and your customers only. All of our sites and services force strong passwords that are beyond the standard “acceptable” levels of security. With the ever growing threat of brute force password theft, we ensure that all attempts at this type of intrusion are cut off and permanently ban any system trying to gain access.


We will keep your plugins up-to-date and functioning throughout any new changes. It’s not uncommon for a plugin to become outdated and stop working for a client, and sometimes it can even take down your site. This is no longer a worry! Resorts and Hotels cannot afford downtime with their marketing websites for simple maintenance and security updates, and we pay special consideration to this and handle the hassle behind the scenes. We test all updates before hand and fix any functionality issues before your customer facing website is updated. So you can rest assured knowing your site is live with the latest updates in functionality and security.