Your customers are always on the go, so shouldn’t your analytics go with them?

Our analytics tracking help show you the full customer picture across ads and videos, websites and social tools, tablets and smartphones. Get in-depth knowledge on who your customers are and what interests them, helping you narrow down how to better serve them.

You Name it, We Measure it ( Just don’t get funny, pal )

We use multiple analytics platforms that, again, are not proprietary. Using multiple sources helps us leverage the strength of each platform to get the most detailed and accurate information about who’s using your site and why. Here are just a few of the features our analytics measure:

Advertising Reports – See how effective your message and offers are

Remarketing – Understand the power of remarketed traffic

Segmentation – Break down your users into distinct demographics and see how each contributes to your overall bottom line.

Real-time Reporting – See how your site, campaigns, and more are performing in real-time with second to second updates

Audience analysis – See the demographics that make up your customer base, as well as which markets are excelling. Regions, states, cities, age, gender, and even general interest areas are all available to you.

Device & Software – see what common devices and systems your customers are using to help insure the best experience with your sites and apps.

Visual Paths – See the paths your users take when they reach your site, what information did they want, where did they go, and where did they leave.

Traffic sources – where are your customers coming from and how did they get to you. Who’s sending you the most business, and who’s sending the most sales.

IRM integration – If you’re booking rooms online, chances are your IRM works with one of the analytics platforms we use which means we can integrate it and get detailed information about who’s actually booking on your site