Aww yea web hosting! ( Everyone’s favorite topic )

Since you’re here, we’re guessing you want to get down to brass tacks so let’s do this!

We host on a dedicated server with 24/7 monitoring in Austin, Texas, and what that means to you is that your site is born and raised in the USA for faster load times and fewer headaches. It also means you aren’t sharing a server with someone posting cat videos that generate so much traffic your site slows down, frustrating your customers.

Our sites are load balanced and dynamically add more resources to your site in times of need, and get a 99.95% uptime guarantee. However rare it might be, If any server maintenance is needed, we also schedule it and let you know when it’s happening and what the total downtime will be.

Our server only uses high-end rock-solid SSD ( solid state drives ) which boost performance drastically. We boast a 1Gbps Up and 1Gbps Down as well as a fully integrated backup system to keep your content and files safe and sound.

Additional Features:

Never have to worry about updates to your site again, never configure a caching plug-in again. Our hosting architecture is tuned to deliver you the fastest hosting around. We manage all updates on your system, for core components and plugins.

Advanced Caching, we use state of the art caching scripts to get your website even faster. Think about a car, now a car with nitrogen, and that’s how much faster your site will be running.

Global CDN ( Content Display Network ). We use a global CDN to store your site’s non-critical information like images, and passive files so that customers can download the site from a location that is physically located closer to them. This boosts speed and performance while helping reduce your server’s load.

Staging website that is a mirror of your full website. The staging website enables our clients to deploy new changes, pages, functionality, etc…without the worry of having these go live immediately.  It enables our clients the ease of use to try new things and see how they look on the staging site before having them “go live”. For example, we do full Internet marketing for a restaurant and bar that holds national concerts at their venue. Long before the national act takes the stage, we’ll have provided the client with pages or homepage sliders announcing the act and all the details of which the client can then view on the staging site and approve before we bring this over to the live website.

Emergency Support 24/7, call us directly and we can help.