Website Templates

Don’t be Mislead about a custom site.

Web design people are always talking about templates and custom sites. Technically all websites could be considered custom since the developer is editing the site to suit your company; however, we think this is a misleading approach.

At Lacuna we pride ourselves on being flexible to work to meet a clients exact needs, and if a lower cost solution is what the client needs, then templates are a great economical option.

So what is a template?

Templates are pre-built websites that you can customize the colors, logos, and etc. into a fashion that makes the site look closer to your brand. Since they are pre-built you can purchase them for $50-$200 and save a lot of the coding work that traditional web-development incurs.

Saves me money, what’s the downside?

While you save money, you are also stuck with a website very similar to many other sites. Anyone that purchases the same website template could make their site look exactly like yours with a different logo. When Branding is important templates are not the best option.

Templates are also not the easiest to customize out if you need additional functionality. Since the original code is written by someone else, there is often times a learning curve for different developers to understand the construction that took place. This could add on additional time that may not have occurred if the developer used their own format to build the site.

You are also subject to the template developer’s reliability in terms of updating the code and making sure your site function into the future. With the web changing constantly developers have to maintain their templates constantly or risk security loop-holes, functionality breaks with new browsers and coding standards, and more. A lot of template creators are individuals that may or may not be working on their templates a year from now.

Alright already, just give me the TLDR (Too long Didn’t Read)

+ Great for saving money
+ Usually a faster turn around time
+ A lot of functionality for a lower price
– Can have the same site as someone else
– May not work with all integrations of 3rd Party software

Custom Sites:
+ Branding Focus
+ Flexible as your imagination
+ Functionality built specifically with you in mind
+ Easier to integrate with 3rd party software
+ Options to own your source code completely
– Slower Turn around time
– More expensive