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Take back your website and start saving on maintenance. Say 'Bye-Bye' to expensive retainers!

At Lacuna, we don’t just build websites, we build marketing tools. This means that your website is built with the purpose to showcase your hotel or resort and maximize conversions. We want to take the hassel out of your web maintenance and give you the best tool to get the job done.

SEO Optimized

Our website package includes initial SEO Optimization, so your website works harder to get your property found.

Unlimited Pages

No limits to the number of pages or blog posts you want to create., no additional fees or charges. We’ll set you up, and set you free!

Responsive Design

This package includes a hotel & resort website that looks great regardless of the device your guests are on.

Booking Integration

We specialize in working with numerous reservation systems for hotels & resorts, and can integrate nearly any system into your website- included!

Flat Monthly Rate. Fast Setup.


We keep things simple, putting you in control so you can spend less time and money dealing with bad websites.

Tired of paying other companies to update text and prices on your website? Let your employees manage your hotel or resort website for you, saving you time and money. We can get you started with your all new user-friendly website backend!

No Experience Required

With the easy to use WordPress management system, we’ll help you get your team from website newbie to expert in no time! You can even edit your hotel/resort site from your phone!

Training + Support

Our website package includes online guides, support knowledge base, and an initial hands on training with your staff!

Why Choose Us?

A Small Company Choosing to Think Big.

Complete websites can be expensive, and the hospitality industry has a need for a better class of website. We’re trying to lower the barrier of entry for great properties that just need their website to work, and work for them.

01. Basic Site

Got a independent hotel or brand that can’t rely on corporate marketing sites? We’ve got you covered and can give your property the perfect cost effective site. $99/mo.

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02. Advanced Site

Take your website to the next level. Modern Design, more features. Even more, you're not locked into 1 design! Multiple site looks and layouts to choose from. Change anytime you like! Just $250/mo.

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03. Integrated Booking

Set Room Types, availablity calendars and more. A more complex solution that's easy to use, complete with PayPal online Payments. Perfect for small properties & More designs coming soon! $450/mo.

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Here's Some Other Features You'll Love

Daily Backups

Your website is recorded daily and we can turn back the hands of time in an instant if you accidently delete or lose something.

FREE Updates

No more paying for upgrades and updates. As our sites are patched and updated, you’ll get those changes at no cost.

Real Support

Online tools not enough? Get in touch with a real person, ready to assist you with your webiste.


Your website is monitored 24/7 for vulnerablities in the website and server code. If you’re at risk, we’ll fix it at no charge, and let you know when it’s happened.

99.98% Uptime

Downtime means lost opportunity. We garuntee you’re website will be up and running 99.9% of the time.

Testing Site Included

Use our testing sites to modify your site and publish it only when it’s ready.

Unlimited Galleries

Shed some light on your Property with easy to use galleries. Create as many as you need without needing to call for help

Blazingly Fast

Our dedicated servers run on the latest technology with SSD drives, US Based server locations, and CDN support.