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Expertise in Pay-Per-Click Advertising! Over 10+ years experience with Hotel & Resort PPC Servcices.

We work with the most accessed and highest performing search and display networks to insure that your business is being seen where ever your guests might be. We use detailed targeting and performance metrics to give you the highest quality traffic. Our goal isn't clicks, it's bookings at your proeprty.

Hotel & Resort PPC ProcessHow do we do it, and what makes us different?

Most companies will place your ads and report the progress, but at Lacuna we take a more hands on approach. With Custom landing pages, constant A/B testing of your ads and landing page content, we maximize your conversion rate and ROI like no one else.

  • Keyword & placement research
  • Multi-channel PPC networks
  • Landing page design/testing
  • Smarter retargeting practices
  • Competitor research
  • Ad split testing
  • 24/7 custom reporting
  • Correct audience targeting
  • Negative keyword additions
  • Negative placement additions
  • Conversion & call tracking
  • Day parting/bid modifications
  • Analytics performance insights
  • ROI focused progress

More Bookings, Better Conversions, Less Spending.Happy Customers, seeing incredible returns.

Steve Olson

Owner & CEO

Lacuna helped us gain quality traffic to our properties. They aren't out to just get clicks, they aim at results.

Leisure Hotels & Resorts

Adam Labat

General Manager

Lacuna's knowledge of current trends and functionality of other websites helped guide us to the best website possible.
Cove Point Lodge

Kallie Robinson

Property Manager

We are very pleased with the performance of the website that Lacuna Creative built and the response we have received from our guests.
Residence at Biltmore

Constant Landing Page Split Testing

Minor details matter. Don't lose bookings because your landing page should have the Buy Now button above the text. Or was it below the text? We don't make decisions on best guesses, we gather real data from your guests and constantly improve your chances at a reservation.



Frequently Asked Questions

How much does all this cost?
Depends on your property goals and budget, but no hidden fees, 100% transparent pricing.

Do you require a contact?
Only an initial 3 month one, after that it’s all month-to-month.

How do I check your progress?
You’re the admin on all PPC accounts, You can check performance 24/7

What does your reporting look like?
You’ll get a custom dashboard with all your PPC channels. Access it anytime online.

How many campaigns are included?
As many as you want! Our fees are all-inclusive, so if you want to experiment let us know!

We have a site with you, can we get PPC at a discounted rate?
Absolutely! Give us a call today and we can hook you up

How soon can we start?
Today! Give us a call at 913.428.9902